The team of elephants

We have grown with the image of the lovely elephants though the stories or the songs of the childhood. Later, we were amazed by their emotions and intelligence when watching them in the wild safari where they naturally live. And though they are so valuable, elephants have disappeared in a large number due to the human intervention. Today, there are many campaigns especially created in order to protect these special creatures.

Why are elephants important?

The team of elephants is essential for the existence of the beautiful Savannah we currently enjoy during our vacations. Their entire lifestyle is balancing the biodiversity. For instance, they are the only ones who spread the seeds though the safari which makes many different bushes rise every season. They help other small animals to drink water and eat. On the other hand, they determine the renewal of the plants when they eat the bushes from a certain area. These are only a few reasons why we should be respectful and protective with elephants.

From a physical perspective, the African elephant is the largest animal that is still living. These species are very strong but in the same time flexible and harmless. Even though they have the power of tearing a tree down, they will never use it for anything that would harm or injury people, the other animals or the nature. If you decided to try to see the world from the back of an elephant for a few seconds, make sure you wear some light clothes and a hat. When you're on the back of him, try to guide him with your heels and toes, for instance, if you touch him behind the ears with your toes, he will start walking. But there are many other commands you could use.

Elephants are what we need in order to maintain a clean and healthy ecosystem. We should be thankful that we have the honor of watching them conserving the nature. We surely have many things to learn from their perfect relation with the environment.