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We have grown with the image of the lovely elephants though the stories or the songs of the childhood. Later, we were amazed by their emotions and intelligence when watching them in the wild safari where they naturally live. And though they are so valuable, elephants have disappeared in a large number due to the human intervention. Today, there are many campaigns especially created in order to protect these special creatures.

Why are elephants important?

The team of elephants is essential for the existence of the beautiful Savannah we currently enjoy during our vacations. Their entire lifestyle is balancing the biodiversity. For instance, they are the only ones who spread the seeds though the safari which makes many different bushes rise every season. They help other small animals to drink water and eat. On the other hand, they determine the renewal of the plants when they eat the bushes from a certain area. These are only a few reasons why we should be respectful and protective with elephants.

From a physical perspective, the African elephant is the largest animal that is still living. These species are very strong but in the same time flexible and harmless. Even though they have the power of tearing a tree down, they will never use it for anything that would harm or injury people, the other animals or the nature. If you decided to try to see the world from the back of an elephant for a few seconds, make sure you wear some light clothes and a hat. When you're on the back of him, try to guide him with your heels and toes, for instance, if you touch him behind the ears with your toes, he will start walking. But there are many other commands you could use.

Elephants are what we need in order to maintain a clean and healthy ecosystem. We should be thankful that we have the honor of watching them conserving the nature. We surely have many things to learn from their perfect relation with the environment.

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After a long, well worth while wait of 21 and half months Chikwenya gave birth to a healthy little
bull at 10.50pm on Wednesday the 15th November – A strapping baby bull weighing approximately 115kg and 95cm at the shoulder. He has been named ‘Lesego’ meaning ‘lucky’ in Tswana.
Lesego is Chikwenya’s first born and the birth was not without some tense moments.

Carefully monitored by the elephant team who were on the ground and at hand to console and
encourage Chikwenya through her lengthy labour, she at first rejected this bundle that splashed
ungracefully between her legs - an understandable reaction to what she must have seen as her
source of pain. The Handling team, well prepared that she may well respond in this manner were quick
to move the new born to safety until she had settled and had some recovery time from her labour ordeal and the general overwhelming commotion.

Moments of great joy ensued when the baby and Mom re-united a while later with Chikwenya displaying instantaneous, wonderful maternal instincts; tucking Lesego firmly under her protectively she accepted this new and great responsibility. Guiding his every move; warding off the curious bulls and generally exuberantly fussing over Lesego’s every move, She was in control, the bonding had begun and it was wonderful to witness; a welcome sight to the over-anxious paternal handling team whose joy
had become literally tangible at this moment.

The next milestone was to see Lesego suckling – Anxiously the team watched for the next 25 hours while Lesego tried in vain to suckle from her engorged breasts. Chikwenya, in response showed no tolerance and repeatedly moved off from his inept & desperate attempts. As the night enveloped the “Elephant Wallow” and in the safety of the woodland area Chikwenya, no doubt exhausted from the
preceding events, settled and the team sighed with relief as Lesego latched on convincingly and
at last earned his long awaited first feed.

Chikwenya and Lesego spent a peaceful first night together in the bush with only the handlers
monitoring events from a distance and witnessing this incredible bonding process.
The team’s dreams had been realized and slowly through a haze of exhaustion, the warm “fuzziness” of new beginnings dawned on all that had been witness to this awesome occasion.

Chikwenya’s bull family were at first overwhelmed and nervous after the commotion of the night’s events – When officially introduced to Lesego they initially shied back and took off, but not for long… curious trunks reaching towards Lesego are firmly seen off by Mom, who remains undoubtedly
“the Boss”, firmly authoritative and confident in her new maternal role. Lesego is a bundle of energy, delighting everyone with his playful antics and instinctive juvenile elephantine displays.
Day 2 saw this boisterous bundle wallowing in the mud with Mom, ducking his head under the water, trumpeting and snorting with convincing displays of his junior bull prowess: extended, flapping ears and swinging trunk “wheelies”, “strong boy” pushing tactics and ever- curious explorations! He is suckling
well and never far from Mom. Chikwenya’s gift to this special herd will undoubtedly contribute to normalizing the important family life of the herd.

Find your true self through an unforgettable experience in the heart of the wild Africa. This would reveal not only your adventurous side but also the most exciting feelings of compassion for the natural beauty and the friendly elephants.  We could say that South Africa is one of the rare places where you can observe the nature in its original forms, untouched by human technologies.

Admire the elephants

A clear cultural difference is waiting for you if you decide to take a trip to one of the wild safaris. This is the case of Kruger National Park, which is the largest natural reservation that has been successfully conserved over the years, despite the continuous temptation of change. You should invite one of the delightful escorts to this location, where you would both enjoy the overwhelming nature while touching the rough skin of the elephants round there. These are the main attraction for the tourist coming from the countries where these beautiful animals can be admired only at zoo.

At Kruger National Park or Camp Jabulani, the lovely elephants can be watched in their normal habitat, as wild as at the beginnings. Choose to watch them or to take photos of them between the bushes or at the small rivers. Many tourists noticed that they become quite friendly and accept to give you a ride on their back soon after they know you. You should try this with an Amsterdam escort who would be thrilled to see the entire reservation from the back of an elephant. Undoubtedly, there will be a fantastic sensation while sitting on his back.

Why you should go for an African adventure

Other locations you could visit in South Africa would be KwaZulu Natal, Cape Town or Table Mountain. All these are ready to offer you a unique vacation during which you will be active through the exploring programs available in the camps you are accommodated. Having the splendid Amsterdam escort from http://nl.eros.com/north-holland/amsterdam/eros.htm by your side and the wildness around you, the holiday will turn out to be the most exciting adventure of your life.  This is the moment when you will understand the need of conserving what is left out of the nature that surrounds us and of protecting the elephants as well as the other wild species.

Another important elephant safari you can visit is the Kapama Game Reserve. The specific culture along with the landscapes and the colorful animals are constantly attracting enough tourists to keep the accommodations fully booked. Thus, if you want to travel here, make sure you settle everything in advance. Afterwards, you could enjoy the adventure with your gorgeous escorts from http://www.eros.com without worrying about any organizing needs. You would both break away of the daily routine and feel again that you are living the life at its maximum.

On the whole, safari experience deserves to be tried anytime you have the chance. Enjoy the fresh air from the reservations as well as the warm touch of the happy elephants. Thereafter, feel the freedom of these places while relaxing at the view of the most beautiful places in the world.